Musical Kicks & Crawl Play Mat

SKK BABY Musical Kicks And Crawl Playmat Activity Play Gym With Toys From Newborn-To-Toddler Ocean Wonders


Musical Kicks & Crawl Play Mat

Musical Kicks & Crawl Play Mat Stimumulates Senses Lively Sound Enhances Listenning Skills Colourful Graphic Patterns Offer Visual Stimulation Encourages Developing Motor SkillsĀ :

  • Encourage Kicking
  • Reaching
  • Tummy Play
  • Crawing

And also it will develop there physical likeĀ Strengthening Babys Arm, Legs, Tummy & Neck Museles Delovops Motor Skills Eye-Hand Coordination With Toys To Bat, Graspkick. Products Benefits It Combines The Game Pad And Fitness In One Frame Four Kinds Of Play Modes,Lying Play ,Crawling Play,Tummy Play And Sitting Play, You Can Adjust It According To Your Baby”S Age. There Are 4 Dolls Hanging, Which Encorage Baby To Reach And Kicking, Which Will Strenghten The Baby’S Arms And Legs. The Grid Will Make It Possible For The Hide And Seek Games When The Baby Crawling. From The Manufacturers Colorful Activity Play Place Encourages Sensory Development. Includes Toys, Tummy Time Bolster And Unique Twist And Fold Design For Easy Storage. Patchwork Quilt Design In Gender Neutral Colors. Great For Travel, Since It Folds Flat. Specially Designed For Newborn And Up.


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