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Baby Toys for Learning: Baby Shape & Color Recognition Toys

Baby Toys are essential to keep your baby busy while you do your daily house chores. As a parent, we have to carefully choose the right and safe toys for our baby. Toys that will help them exercise and develop their cognitive skills while they enjoy playing. In Myrrh Shop we have the best baby toys to help them develop and stimulate their brain. We have a variety of baby toys for learning that you can choose; all are safe and will surely help your baby develop their cognitive skills.

Let’s start with Shape and Color Recognition Toys. These kind of toys are perfect for babies ages 2-5 years old. In this age, your child begins to use their imagination. They develop the ability to observe and classify objects based on shapes and colors.

Shape and Color Recognition Toys (2-5 years old)

c1This kind of toys play an important role to help them develop their problem-solving strategies. You can provide them with mind-challenging activities where they can analyze similarities and differences between objects. We have carefully picked these baby toys for learning that will help them recognize shapes and colors while having fun.






Shape Sorting Cubes stimulates their stacking and motor skills while enhancing their thinking and reasoning ability.






Painting Box allows them to enhance their creative skills by learning how to mix colors and draw shapes.






Wooden Stencils just like in painting box, these will also improve their creativity and concentration. It helps them to know the shapes of different animals and objects.




There are a lot of Shape and Color Recognition Toys that you could buy for your child, these type of toys enhances their cognitive and motor skills. As they grow old they become more creative and keen observers of things that will make them good thinkers and problem solvers. You can buy baby toys at Myrrh Shop for shape and color recognition types. We guarantee you that all toys are safe for babies and more affordable than others.


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