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HABA Kringelring Wooden Baby Rattle & Clutching Toy (Made in Germany)

Features: The hand-crafted Kringelring features a pliable ring of rainbow colored, beechwood beads threaded on a sturdy elastic band. The smaller plastic rings are made of BPA-free plastic., With it's vibrant colors and pleasant rattling sounds, children from around the world have come to love this heirloom quality clutching toy., Measuring 3.75" in diameter, the Kringelring is safe for teething and has been tested to the highest EU and US safety standards., For HABA responsibility is written in capital letters. We use wood that comes from sustainable forestry in Germany., When applying colors, we use multiple layers of water-based, solvent-free lacquers making the surface extremely resistant to wear and tear allowing the toy to be taken from the hand to the mouth.
Your child will absolutely love the classic Kringelring Clutching Toy from HABA! The flexible wooden teether and the smaller rings (made of BPA-free plastic) attached to it are expertly designed to help develop clutching and grasping skills and with bright, vibrant colors kids around the world have come to love it.

HABA uses woods from sustainable forestry. Suppliers are PEFC * certified. The natural and mechanical characteristics of beech and maple wood, in combination with a design of clear colors and shapes are the most suitable for a great, heirloom quality toy.

When it comes to applying colors, we only use water-based ecologically friendly, solvent-free lacquers. Multiple lacquer layers render the surface extremely resistant to humidity and wear and tear, allowing the toy to be taken from the hand to the mouth, at any time.

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Haba Kringelring | Baby Toys for Sale

Your child is sure to love the classic HABA Kringelring. A wooden Baby Rattle Ring.

“What do your children‘s inventors actually do?” That’s a question we often get asked at HABA. The answer is simple – they think and tinker, design and discard, draw sketches and build models and they do all that with a good dose of creativity and a keen sense of what children need.

But they’re not alone; instead they’re in constant contact with construction and quality specialists – which materials are safe for children? How big do the balls have to be?

Every year, our inventors develop around 500 new games and toys for children. With HABA, everything is “Made in Germany” from the idea right through to the prototype!


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